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how to contact with google adsense to my website


tweeter account of adsens

Friends, today you will know how to contact Google Adsense if your website is not being approved even after you have done it again, there are two ways to contact Adsense so that you can reply immediately, whatever your query He is immediately solved.

1. AdSense form

Most viewed, go to your AdSense application status, then click on the query that you want, then you will get written in your small word submit form, you can click on it, resubmit, if it has an option of attachment, then the Government Approved ID submit it Your problem will be solved in just 2 hours.

2. Tweeters

search google adsense in tweeter

The other way is that the tweeter, what to do in it you have to go to the on tweeter account. To type in the search box, go to the Google Adsense account, tweet the account " Dear sir please approved my Adsense account, many times apply but no response" "your website name"
In two hours you will get the reply to your tweet.
tweet to google adsense

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