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Secret Code For Android Phone

 List of Latest Android Secret Code 

Here you find the list of  Android Phone Codes, from these codes you get the full power of phone in your hands. such as you generate security policies, and without open your phone you get IEMI NUMBER. and also full information of you phone like as phone information, battery, wifi etc.   "android phone codes"

Android Phone codes

Friends, today I am telling you the Android secret code, knowing that you can take the power of your phone in your hand. "android phone codes"

latest android Code  1#

The first one is to know the phone's full information

About Full phone Information

Type Code                *#*#4636#*#*

Phone information code

Phone Information
Battery Information
Usage Statistics
Wi-Fi information

latest android Code  2#

The second android phone codes is that of any phone IEMI NO. To know this secret code for iPhone and Android phones use, by pressing it you can see your international mobile equipment identity number or As it shortly calls IEMI NO. if you lose your phone somebody still it, so easily blocked by the service provider.
Type Code                    *#06#

IEMI information

latest android Code  3#

Third android phone codes are Number identification, this code currently works in iPhone, if anybody wants to Still  your mobile numbers in a log file, after type this code converts all number in  **********

Type code                       *#30#  

Convert phone number in astrick

latest android Code  4#

No Out going Calls

Type it                   *33*#
 The Android phone codes  working on iPhone is No Outgoing Calls sometimes is very necessary, this code is definitely in handled, so don't forget that you can turn this function off anytime by pressing 
*33*pin# of your phone 

latest android Code  5#


Type it            *#*#7780#*#*
the android phone codes working on all phones is instant factory settings means this code remove google settings and data and also data settings.

latest android Code  6#

restore factory settings

Type it            *2767*3855#
The Android phone codes  
is used for the whole reinstallation after restoring factory settings, don't worry if your phone settings and applications are removed, this code reinstalled your all settings.

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