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How to Record whatsapp phone calls

Record WhatsApp phone calls

Friends, you know WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, hike in all, you have the option of audio call and video call.
But there is no choice of call recording. I am telling you today that you can record all kinds of calls.

How to WhatsApp, facebook messenger and hike phone calls record?

Record WhatsApp phone calls

Why is a phone call necessary?

Phone calls are necessary whenever your boss, and anyone else wants to give you any necessary messages and you cannot hear due to any noise or after listening to the phone you forget what the message was given on the phone, if your If you had a close recording then you could follow that message after listening to him. Phone recordings, especially in private jobs, are very important because you do not want to get increments in the job, so they call you repeatedly and disturb you so that you make a mistake in your work, Fall in sight.
You can record all types of calls from this trick, for that you have to download an app. Type "rec" in your Play Store.

Record WhatsApp phone calls


Open it after downloading it
1. Size In this you have to size your phone
2. Bit rate In this you have to put the phone's ram
3. Duration in how many minutes of recording you want it to be inserted
4. Tagging on audio option
5. Name the file name, what is the name to save it. 
Then click on the record.
In this way, this app is silent when your phone arrives, the app automatically starts recording.

Record WhatsApp phone calls

Record WhatsApp phone calls

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