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How To Create Free Google Adwords Account

How To Use Google AdWords planner

Friends, if you encounter an issue while creating an account on Google AdWords Login, then how can you solve it? Whenever you try to create an account, Payment option comes from Google Adwords
When it asks for some information about payment and you can't give it. so does not create an account  Today I am going to share this solution with you


First of for go to http://adward.google.com website, Here you have two options. The first option is to click on start now, the second option is to sign in, for the Sign In the option, you must have a Gmail account Now you sign in, after signing, this kind of page comes.

When you have opted for billing after you fill up the form, you get stuck, Its solution is that
Its solution is to copy this link "http://g.co/etoaw and open the new tab and paste it into the address bar. "link"

After clicking on this link, this page will open. After coming to this page, you can fill up your email id, country time zone, and currency.

After doing all this, click the Submit button, This way your account will be created.

In this way, you can use the keyword planner. Now you go to the Tools and click on the keyword planner.

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