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How To Earn Money From Blogger

How To Earn Money From Blog/Blogger

I am going to tell you something that will change your life after doing the work, if you have patience before doing this work, then you can do this work, in this it does not say that whatever you do You have to do this work by leaving all that, you have to do this work for the time you have free time,
How to start this work?

First, you see that what you know is that you have to write a blog about that work (blog means to write about that work) first you have to type in the MS-WORD, then paste it into the blogger. Just like when people will read articles written to you, Google will place your ads on your blog, after the ads are opened, people who open your blog
Or ads will be clicked, then your earning is a startup, even though Google gives up to $ 10 for 1 click on Google ads,
The other way is if you cannot type then you can make money by making a video. First, you have to sign on youtube and then make your channel,

For how to create a YouTube channel, you can search on youtube after creating the channel "how to make youtube channel" and then upload your video to youtube,
In this way, people who watch your videos will grow your views when your channel is a bit more relevant, GOOGLE ADSENSE will place your ads on your video, whenever your video will be seen, the view of your video will increase and you will start making money. .

By starting this kind of work you will earn only up to the first of the month, but whatever you are going to be 6 months will start coming up to RS.50,000 for your month.



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