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How To Tablet PC settings windows 10

5 Tablet PC settings windows 10


Friends, today we will know that the Windows 10 features are not available in Window 8 and Window 7. Window 10 has been designed fully mobile friendly such that it is fully mobile friendly Installation of Window 10 is very simple, just as you install an app on mobile, it has the same installation as well. Windows 10's data security is very high. If your computer is infected with a virus then you have to do it separately purchase antivirus, but in the window 10, you can locate the virus through Malicious Removal tool and also removable it. Therefore its data protection security is very high. please read my previous blog

Benefits Of Windows 10 Than Window 7 And Window 8.1

Settings of Windows 10


What happens in the tileset is that you can drag and drop anything to your tiles, apart from that you can give their names, edit their size too, in this way you can maintain a beautiful look and maintain the tile menu.
tile setting in window 10


The application of Window 10 is very good because it has very well defined in its every app. As you take the weather of this season, you will see in the Approach to the location Wise weather, how many days it was, how many degrees were the temperature, etc. I mean that every application in Window 10 was explained in a very insignificant way. is. Anyone can see you in this.



Whatever app you can in the window 10 Open, but the window does not have LAG. You open every app in different tabs, but you can also create separate desktops as well. Apart from this, you can drag and drop every app from one desktop to another, or you can do a desktop top on another desktop.How many desktops can you create as you wish? You can create as many desktops as you wish, every desk can also have the different app in the top, if you want it, you can also switch to all the desktops, just keep something in mind, such as CTRL+WINDOW+ARROW KEY'S. When you press the three keys together, then the desktop you have created will switch.


Friends have often been told by the blog that Window 10 is mobile friendly to some extent, you use the ANDRIOD phone and you get the option of notification, so also there is also the option of notification. You can use it very easily, apart from this you also get tablet mode. If you are using a touchscreen computer, you can easily convert the computer into a tablet. Everything in it is touch-based. Apart from this, you can also type notes in the tab. Directly you can use wifi and Bluetooth from there, or airplane mode.



In Windows 10 you also get support for wifi hotspot, if you have wifi on your computer, you can easily create it. It can change its name. The most important thing is that you can also make hotspots to wifi, even if your computer is coming through a DSL cable, you can still create a hotspot.


Tablet PC settings windows 10

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