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how to use google AdMob native ads

What is AdMob Account?

AdMob account is a part of Google Adsense. AdMob account is mostly used for mobile apps. AdMob a/c is more powerful account than a website because now and day mobile app's craze is too much increase than a website because everybody searches any information through mobile apps, on the AdMob account more impression are generated than website, few days's before Google publish a circular that only mobile-friendly websites are rank in google not other types. so too much used mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites.

How to create AdMob account?

just search in google AdMob signup. and then AdMob website is open. click on signup button and then fill the form same as another type form.
admob account
after you signup, and then you apply for Adsense account because without Adsense does not work AdMob account. all of your earning is generated by Adsense. so must be applied for Adsense account. when all formalities are completed then generated ad unit id on your AdMob account. Ad unites ids are three types.
1. Banner id
2. Instritial id 
3. Reward Id

How to Create Admob Id?

first, you click on unit id and then open three types id display on your screen.
how to create unite id

click on a banner ad and then type the name of the ad, same as the image below. all id you can create same as. 

where use AdMob id?

after you created unit id now you make a mobile app. if you want to know how to make mobile apps please see my blog how to create mobile apps in this blog all of the processes how to create a mobile app and then monetizes your app and then earn a lot of money by these apps. see blog how to make mobile app

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